Thursday, January 8, 2009

Emalies first christmas

Emalie had the best Christmas!

Christmas Eve we spent at Alishas house! We did a cool goodie exchange, then santa came and let all the kids sit on his lap and tell him what they really wanted to get for Christmas! Emalie surprisingly sat on his lap and did great! she looked at him like he was crazy, but it was totally cute!

Christmas day morning we woke up late, about 9am! lol! and opened presents from santa to emalie and from each other! Emalie got a swing for back porch as well as a few toys, and a remote control bubble car... I got Robie Guitar Hero game and guitar! plus a few randoms. Robie Got me a LAPTOP!!!!! SWEEEET :) I am glad I got it! so exciting! Love him bunches!

Christmas day was a little hectic, We went to Robies moms at about 11 got a new video camera from him mom and a few other things! Jami Got emalie a cute poo bear jumpy thing(she LOVES it) And Jami also got us a nice blender! Tish got us a nice dish heater! good for entertaining! THANKS GUYS!

THEN, We went to alishas house again for lunch and a little more opening, Thanks for the plant Sabrina~! love it! its in my bathroom! Then we went to moms and got some fun stuff there! Thanks Grandma by the way! I love it all!

Emalie had a great day and was VERY tired by the end of it! She looked SOOOO cute and I cant wait for next year when she will be way more into it! shhhh maybe we'll get a puppy!?!? lol


  1. I love the morning hair Emalie:) Robie looks extra special! He has the smile of a kid in the candy store:-) Too Cute

  2. Awww... look how cute Emalie was on Christmas! I love the picture of her in her dress..adorable:)